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An open letter to Codemasters (about classic game remake)

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I wrote a letter to custservice@codemasters.com and I think it was not delivered successfuly so I post it here :)

Dear Codemasters, 

I am your fan since late nineties when Colin MCRae Rally was released (such an epic moment in playstation history). I am writing this because of one game I find out interesting – and it is a must to write you about it a bit, but firstly let me introduce myself…

Coming from Czech Republic where Playstation is favourite console as well as in the rest of the world, me and my father were kinda crazy into the PSone era, played a hundred of PSone games so it is easy to say that we know what is a good game and what is not. We still own today’s consoles (PS4 and 3) and I must to admitt that gaming industry has changed (of course). Still playing the modern games but time to time I thinking of PSone classics, how to describe that, I love today’s games but I enjoyed more the old ones. Mainly because more in-depth gameplay.

And one of my all time favourite game is Micro Maniacs. I have the original copy since 2000 and I introduced it last week to my friends which played it for the first time and it was such a fun to play it (and we are adults!). It still has it’s sparkle, the badass epic characters with iconic bizarre artstyle and cool names like Twister, V4 or Vortex. And the tracks – the more the merrier – they are so spectacular, odd and pretty difficult too! You did an excelent job with the gameplay ( like different character’s powers), multiplayer and freaky music. I remember when it was released in Czech because of it’s success (adding the screenshots from Official Czech PS Magazine) and the main reason I am writing to you Codemasters is that I think this game needs a remake. Seriously, there is not such a game like this on the market right now! You can use similair cartoonish design like you used in F1 Racing Stars (good game!) with a decent violent but still funny animations, e.g. Twister’s yo-yo weapon which cuts off opponents heads or sharp traps like knives in the kitchen track (yes, I have many ideas in my head right now). I know there is a note about the remake on your forum too so it is not only me who thinking of it. And the youtube, there are many videos with Micro Maniacs too. So Codemasters, please, consider the reamake of your running racing game with amazing maniac characters. 

Thank you for the racing games,

greetings from Czech,



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