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Good day to the recipient of this email.

As a long time and fully indulged fan of your f1 game series I have to commend you highly for the job you've been doing, continuing to make this game more amazing each year.

As a show of appreciation I wanted to list a few of small things that the community I represent feels you could do to that may enhance the series even further

1. Race distance

With the 5 modes already given to us its hard to complain about a lack of choice, that being said for leagues specifically it would very much loved to provide 2 new modes: one 35% like the one provided to eSports and a 65%-75% which should hopefully allow for viable 2 stop strategies and hence greater racing. 

2. Safety Cars

I imagine it's hard for people not behind the scenes to realise how delicate the safety car detection algorithm needs to be and in recent years its become better and better. With this in mind however the current settings only allow "On" or "Off". It would be great to have "Off", "Reduced" and "Realistic" as some leagues prefer to not be hindered by safety cars but don't want it off altogether 

3. Setups

Setups have become too dissimilar in recent years. You'll find almost every setup will have:
50% on throttle 
65-60% off throttle
Camber angles full right 
Toe angles full left 
Brake pressure 100%
Brake bias 50%
Tyre pressure min psi(full left) 

The only parts of setup which have a degree of altercation is suspension geometry and wing angles. This is a massive shame considering the huge amount of tuning you provide. We suggest to break this meta, and allow for a greater range of setups to become viable. 

4. Alternative race engineers as DLC. 

After speaking with a lot of people, there is an overwhelming agreement that there should be alternative race engineers other than Jeff. Perhaps this could be part of the podium pass or just one time purchases, people would go nuts if they could have Peter Bonington as their engineer or anyone prolific in F1 for that matter. 

5. Tyre wear options and rulings

Some leagues would indulge themselves in a given ability to have more frantic races with a greater variance of race strategy. We think this could be done by having the option to alter tyre wear levels on a lobby setting, just "Low", "Medium" and "High" would satisfy although nobody would complain of you gave more. Secondly though this may understandably go too far away from your objective to create a realistic as possible game, the options to mandate custom rules and remove given ones in race, hence making 2 stops mandatory for example or using all tyre compounds or even having none at all and allow no stops. 

6. Advanced HUD mode

An an alternative to the currently provided MFD and HUD, a more extensive and realistic one could be implemented as an option for the user, this would include more generalised settings taken from real F1 wheel options and modes. This particularly for league racers who enjoy as realistic racing as possible a more enjoyable time. 

7. Fully unassisted pit lane and race start.

 Again focusing on satisfying the realistic seeking leagues, an option to remove the assist currently provided to line your car up on your grid spot as well as ai control in the pit lane to be removed would add a heap of realism and dynamic especially if you were able to overshoot your pit box or angle your car on the grid start, of course alongside this you'd additionally need a penalty detection system in context to this. 

8. Increase lobby count 

While allowing for 20 drivers respectively already to race and 22 in f2 an additional 2 slots to allow for more spectators would be highly appreciated. 

Thank you for spending the time to listening to the community's thoughts, if any of these adjustments/additions are plausible for your oncoming game or in this year a great amount of people would be very happy. 

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