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An easy job for EA: Race Driver Grid REMASTERED

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Hope some big shot guy or someone who can reach people in high ranks at EA (managers, exe, etc) read here this thread.

There is a win-win easy job for you

Here the instructions:

- Ask someone to start the remaster edition of the ******* Race Driver GRID ! Don't even bother to make a market analysis, I'll tell you, will be an HUGE success.

Thank me later.



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i forgot the *****
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Yeah the original is still best in most ways. 


1. The damage model was far more realistic, and forced you to drive as clean as possible. It also had a nice onscreen indicator showing affected parts of the car.

2. The AI drove pretty clean as long as you did.

3. The multiview replay was best I've ever seen in a race game.

4. The crowd presence was felt when they cheered.

5. The track selection was great, with lots of iconic locations.

6. The crew chief chatter makes far more sense than in a lot of race games, especially compared to GRID 2019.

7. You could customize race length.


1. The game would freeze momentarily out of the blue at certain spots on a lot of tracks, which often made you go out of control when it unfroze. I played the game again recently on W10 and this problem still persists even with all available patches, no matter how ridiculously above spec your hardware is.

2. The night 24 Hrs of Le Mans races were very unbalanced due to the AI driving in the dark so fast.

3. Not having hotlap qualifying was not only unrealistic, it made the game feel more arcade than it needed to, having to battle through the entire grid every race.

4. No weather effects whatsoever.

5. This is personal preference, but I REALLY hated all of the events with drifting.

I have to say, these cons really matter, enough so that it makes GRID 2019 FAR closer in enjoyment to me. The main thing that killed playing the original anymore for me is the freezing though.

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