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GRID 2 Steering problem/ why are all RWD cars drift cars?

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When I first played GRID 2 I became extremely frustrated because my mustang just slid around everywhere and was impossible to get around a corner without it drifting. I later figured out that it was an RWD drift car. Isn't this supposed to be a simulator? Because I've played GranTurismo 6, and Forza Motorsport 5, and neither just make all RWD cars drift cars. It's so annoying!!! If there is a way to change this, someone please reply.
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First off: no, Grid 2 is not supposed to be a simulator by any stretch of the imagination. It’s ‘sim-cade’ at best, and in Grid 2’s case, leaning more heavily towards the ‘cade’.

That said, the drifty handling of all cars in Grid 2 was everyone’s biggest complaint about it; it wasn’t like that in Grid 1, and they’re making sure it’s not like that in Grid Autosport.
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