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How is the change in tire strategy confirmed during the race?

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Good morning.
I write from Italy, sorry for my English.
A technical question about F1 2020 for PS4 / PS5.
I own F1 2020 on PS4 / PS5 and am playing it smoothly.
However, there is a problem that I cannot solve.

During a race on F1 2020 it sometimes happens that from the "box" they ask me to change the "tire strategy" in progress.
Well I don't know how to confirm the change of strategy!
I press the button to activate the multi-function display (DMF), I navigate it but I don't understand how to confirm the strategy change!
The garage gives me 30 seconds to confirm, or not, the change of strategy during the race, but I don't understand how it should be done.
Could you kindly help me?

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Hello, if I am not mistaken, you have to press R1 to see the proposed change and then push "tasto direzionale destro" to confirm. Hope this helps! 

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