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I feel like internal standards are falling.

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Bare with me this is kind of a rant thread of my honest feeling behind what's been going on with CM over the years.


Been a longtime fan of Codemasters games. Still am but I can't help but feel that for whatever reason, the standards are falling. I suspect there's internal conflicts between the Studios and the higher ups to cut corners and save money. For a very long time now it seems that most new Codemasters games are stripped of a major feature from a previous game and flip a coin whether or not it actually gets addressed and added after feedback from the fans. From Cockpit cam stripped in Grid 2, VR Stripped from Dirt 4 and DR 2.0, actual designed stages in Dirt 4, Most of the racing disciplines from Grid stripped from Grid 2019, wheel support from Dirt 5 etc etc.

I'm enjoying Dirt 5 now that it has wheel support but even that leaves things to be desired. Can't bind all the buttons on my wheel can't override predesignated bindings, can't bind my handbrake and forced to bind it to the button on the wheel or clutch pedal. yet I can boot up the Original Grid... a 2008 game that far predates the release of my entire wheel ecosystem and everything is 100% supported, mappable all the way down to my analog hand brake. 

I feel it's only a matter of time before these sub standards affect the big IP's like Dirt Rally, the F1 games and the future WRC games. And this is all before EA employs whatever nonsense that they're going to do that I'm not looking forward to since most NFS games launch without any kind of wheel support. Probably add RNG loot boxes to F1 in the form of Dream Team like they do their other sport titles. 

if EA allows it, lets get these titles back to greatness. bring community developed back to PCARS and Dirt Rally. Bring back a proper Grid game or just remaster the original with new cars with all the disciplines and the crazy race incidents that happen all the time in the original making it closer to Toca, stop stripping features that were present in past games. Regularly do Early Access, it did amazing wonders for the Original PCars and Dirt Rally. You guys won over an amazing racing community over the last 15 years, put that community first and you will surely ascend to new highs. 


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