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Option to disable Halo


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I race in cockpit with halo on. After about 4 races you don’t notice it anymore. It’s probably more of a hinderance in the game than to an actual F1 driver but having it off IMO distracts from immersion and besides it looks goofy with it off because it’s still kind of there. Like I said took me about 4 races to get used to it. Not a problem at all anymore. 

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On 12/17/2020 at 7:00 PM, xlostxbhoyxdanx said:

It would be a game changer visually if you could turn the Halo off completely. Considering the game doesn't need it for safety it would be a massive plus to turn it off as it ruins the cockpit view and the tv pod view. Its ugly and just ruins the look of the game and the beautiful cars/view.

It has nothing to do with safety. Current Formula cars have a halo so the game has the halo. 
it’s like saying Microsoft should remove the wings from the planes in flight simulator cos they don’t need them in the game. 
If you don’t like the look of the cars, that’s your opinion. Many people have moved passed the halo. 
Also, it takes long enough for CM to update liveries/helmets. And CM can’t even change the wings/bodywork in my career when you upgrade the car due to licensing etc. So do you really think F1 would allow them to remove the halo completely??

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