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[F1 2020] [MULTIPLAYER] [1.14] Freeze and crash during race


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If you haven't already since the AGESA (UEFI) update, please update the B450 chipset driver and the LAN driver.

On 12/30/2020 at 5:39 PM, Sylraw said:

Trired to increase the size of the pagefile to 10 GB (altough 16 GB RAM should be enough), it does not solved the problem. Here is the next report code: image.png.fa55dbbb644eaeafba1a230e86fa7276.png  egodumper.log

FYI: If the pagefile is set to 1024 Mb then the egodumper.exe is unable to start, therefore the game crashes at the start.

Don't set the page file, leave it to W10 (auto)! You need to have a really sound reason to change the setting, it doesn't help to change it unless it really is required.

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I am also having this problem. (PS4, wireless connection, PS4 controllerThe game is unplayable. Receiving the same error code as the others during ranked and unbanked, just after qualifying. Also freezes during races. Is there an update on what’s happening about this? 

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