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Leaderboard in Practice, Quali and Race


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Maybe this suggestion has already been posted around here but I will give some ideas.

This is about the leaderboards during the different sessions in the game and the way we could see them would be better to understand some aspects during our practice, quali or race.

For practice and quali we can see the fastest time(depending on what sector you are) made by the car 2 places ahead of you(depending on your position) as well the position of the 4 closest drivers to our position, that's good however it could be better. How?

In practice you should have the times of your teammate (even if its behind or ahead of you) so you could have the time of the same car that you are driving and the first place too so you know what's the fastest times is without needing to remember, ask in the radio or pause the game to see it.

In quali, as in practice, you can see the same so I give the same suggestion as I said before, teammate times and first place times(this was already in last years game so dont know why they removed it) but we could see something else too that would be very interesting. Imagine you are in Q1 or Q2 and in the elimination zone, it would be good if we could see the time of the 15th(in Q1) and from the 10th(in Q2) so you could know if we are being faster or not than the driver in danger.

For the race, well in the same theory as in quali if you were out of the points (p13 as you can only see the 2 cars ahead of you) you could know how far p10 was, if you were inside the points you could see how far p3,p2 and p1 are.

Resuming: It's already pretty good that we can see the 4 closest drivers but most of the times it does not give the info we need during the race. I really dont understand why they removed P1 times during quali and practice runs as it was a good indicator of was fast we were going. Using mods with simhub to have the full leaderboard is not really the same thing as if we had in the game itself. For people who want this type of thing and dont have the best pc, they cant really have so many tabs open or they cant race without having massive fps issues, which is not good because you're racing.

So yeah, tell me what you think about this, it would be good to know if it's something that already has been answered by some moderator and I didnt see. 

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