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Let´s talk about the Podium Pass

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Back after Month, what my Eyes see first. New PP Content, Series 3 nice.

BUT; i passed Series 2, been set down to Level 1 and my Premium Pass lies dead in the Backyard?

C´mon this is hilarious stupid. I spend a few hours ago for fast as easy to pick all 30 Levels at the Beginning. The much of Exp. for Challenges after that stayed useless by the way and I think back that days. This System is quiet not the best and gets lame without new stuff.

SO, when you offers new Series, why you continuted that with Level 31 to up higher? Who came to this Big Idea; Well lets put in some new Stuff, Instead of overwriting the old 30 Levels and shove up all further Premiums.

A better use for all Challenges would be from the Beginning; Finished an Player a Challenge he/she earned Exp. and Coins depents on the Challenges Difficult.

When you earned enough Coins to unlock the Premium Pass, like it is, the Players keep it for ever and NOT how long CM think!

And so many People talked and shout in older Posts for Classic Liveries or Previous Livs, why we can´t earned that in the Shop or unlocked Stuff after Complete a Challenge Week/Window/Site whatever.

Some Players not really like it to spend 2$ or more Bugs to earn some Coins, they spend it more for DLCs with legend Stuff, old Tracks and SP/MP Content they prayed for.

Don´t let die F1 2020 for facing the next one. Be on your Minds, it was announced as 70th Years Edition. Sorry but it doesn´t smells like this.

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