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change Practice a little bit

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Nice Feature to use own Liveries for Practice.

Can CM include the option where Players can also select to start out of the Garage like Race-Weekends Outlaps, not only start Flying Round?

For better warmup the car for Testrounds with real in/out lap testing.

Want to use the full HUD Overview and Command Board controlling in Practice like the Race Weekend.

Fully random Weather option in the Practice Garage section, for real test weather changed conditions. Timer begann when you enter Practice and like RaceWeekend you can seen weather forecast in the Pit Info.

Also, when choose starting a flying lap, can players started the lap on that far point like in Weekend Pratice/Quali.

And change or cancelled that current time/next Round time banned when car slips off the Track in the last corners.

Current time banned okay, but also next round? It´s Practice man.

No one wants to drive around 1 useless lap before the next run counts, btw when you makes no other failure in that round.

Wants to start new over and over 20 times for any little failure? No!

And before someone says, wweeelllll then drive better. ya one point, but in practice you go far over Limit to Test.


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