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double penalty for what?

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Sorry, had no pic for that but let me explain.

Melbourne Race. Passing turn 11/12, outcome 12 it´s slippery all know. my fault for spinning right after touches the curbes.

Go right down to the wall but can luckyones just catch my car with also breaking carefully and slips to the left and stands horizontal blocking the right side of the track.

Must wait for the Cars behind passing me to turn safely. CPU says no, maybe i stand to long, i think e few seconds, and than boom. KI crashed in me, dead point in real life, i became a penalty for blocking the road and chrashed into someone else. Hilarious, where is my Price for that.

Okay sometimes i touches KI or made mistakes and get rightly penalties for Failures from me. But it´s not the first wrong Penalty calling. Seen more than 2 times KI forces aggressive into Players, pushes Players into others or made horrible things, happend also other Players. And the Players get the Penalty but not the KI.

Nothings changes really after Years from Game to Game, Update to Update. CM please set this on Top of Your Update List, twice all the "100" other things they need a fix. Thank you

My writing is better than my F1 skills, tells a lot. -quote

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