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Driver/Team customize?

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Back in the Days of Microprose GP series or Ubisoft F1RS or old Fashioned F1 Managers, there was Editors created/included to adjust Driver/Team Skills.

Okay, sure, it would looks nice to create a Driver for your SP Team and bring them up to high Class. But that´s another Story. Btw, that needs a better Skill System like previous F1 2020. Acceptable, but for me not really impressive.

Why not a Performance Customization for F1? Not so complex, just a few sliders more twice the 0%-110% strenght, where Player can adjust the Game for their what they want.

A Slider option for Driver reliability, means lower the Rate% the drivers make more failures. break to late, drive on grass, spuns, slips off in rain, etc.

Would be nice to see an unbalanced Driver Merc. placed 5 and next race poor 12. But that´s never happend with straight KI, nobody can program this, a Real life factor. Back to above, that´s programmable, a driver failure rate, bugfest but not impossible.

Second Point is the Team Performance Slider. Reliability in Real F1 is higher opposite to the 80´s/ 90´s or 2000´s. Wouldn´t be nice to adjust that in F1 2020. As lower the Rate%, the Car has often Failures Motor overheat, Puncture, suspension brake, etc., (effects both Player/KI cars)

Driver/Team Retires like back in the Days where half of the Grid goes out and bring in some Surprises to a Race, would be nice feature.

Also for all Modes, not only Multiplayer, a car customize where All Teams/Cars has the same Strenght/Power. Back in the Days GrandPrix and F1RS had this features.

Look, there was 2 Options to set Drivers Strenght to "Real" like the Seasons Stats pretend, "Same" all Drivers Strenght are equal and "Random" game mixed the Strenght.  Exactly the same for the Option Team Strenght, "Real" like the Seasons Stats pretend, "Same" all Team Strenght are equal and "Random" game mixed the Strenght.

Maybe CM build a "Random" option where Players can build/adjust their own Team/Driver List for a Season. Players can save this List to use it in all Modes. Brings in with more Detail, a complex List where Players sets the Teams from 1 to 11 in order off performance  and twice all Drivers from 1 to 22 by, how they loved.

Like; top team Williams with Ricciardo and Sainz, 2. McLaren with Vries and Norris, 3. Hass with Grosjean and Leclerc etc.

But I think, We would never see that again in a Race-Game for Decades...

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On 12/23/2020 at 6:44 PM, HakkinenWDC said:

It always amazes me that this was possible 25 years ago, with GP2 for example, and now seems impossibile to have. 

For years impossible, btw. The Problem CM sit on their pre-game sucess and not really evolve their game basis core. The community, all the players shout for an more realistic F1 so many years, but what most counts is the Money CM get every year. Sure, why change the melody when people nonetheless spend money to hear the same every year.

For years no opponent or 2nd developer for F1 games, no fear to get beaten up by others.

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