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Wrong geolocation i'm near to America but sent to Europe...


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Ok I live in the caribbean but all the lobbies i can see are europe lobbies, I'm a few kilometers from Florida. There is a 6 hours gap, I just can't play at 15pm hoping to find 5/6 muppets that will crash into me before they go to bed

- PC

- 1.14

- Unranked

- Wireless or usb wired mobile hotspot 

- I have 2 videos showing the same thing despite in one of them I used a vpn that connected me to San Francisco , with no result in the game

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Will close this for now as a IP issue rather than a game one. Also, small sidenote here, most lobbies are usually based in Europe, but you should be able to filter in the Unranked lobby section by pressing F7 and F8. 

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