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Game Crashes When I'm Playing With Controller


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As the title says I'm having Crashes on my game while playing with my controller. I have a low end pc which not runs game smoothly but this issue wasn't happening before. If you ask me how it happens it goes like this. If I'm in the middle of a race suddenly a huge fps drop happens (this was happening before but game doesn't crashes) then my controller stucks (for example: if I'm pressing the gas it keeps pressing it but I can't even turn the car while it happens) after this happens game crashes instantly (if I don't stop the game on keyboard or if I total my on a barrier or a wall). This happens in GRID 2 and GRID Autosport can someone please help me? I mailed the support team but they couldn't fixed my problem. I tried reinstalling the games but no sign please help.


P.S. I'm playing with a fake dualshock controller called HADRON doubleshock 3 with SCPtoolkit making it look like an xbox controller.

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