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[PC] Multiplayer Problems (+general problems)


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Having some serious issues whilst playing this game online on the PC. 
  • The lag is almost unbearable at times, other times I have no issues at all
  • Collisions ON - variable feast, sometimes you'll just drive through other players, other times you'll crash straight into them and the rest of the time you'll end up ghosting halfway through them and then spinning out because you've collided. 
  • Corner cutting/track extending- sometimes you can cut massive chunks out of corners and get away scot free, other times you'll put one wheel on the curb and get a 10 second penalty. Its not consistent AT all.
  • Xbox Controller settings don't work at all, I had to make my own map for the controls. Occasionally the game will revert back to the original controller settings and then I get stuck in 1st gear with full acceleration but the car wont move. Then, with the new controller mapping, I try to change things on the wheel (brake bias, fuel mix, car info etc) and the car veers violently off track and I end up in the wall or with a corner cutting penalty. 
  • Fuel Mix doesn't change the revs at all.  
I'm really disappointed with this game, I would understand these issues if the game was released for sub£15 with a "pre-alpha" or even "beta" tag,  but this has been dubbed a "full release" with a £39.99 price point on Steam so I really shouldn't be beta testing for it and submitting bug reports. I have run leagues on 2012, 2013, 2014 and my new league starts on 2015 on Sunday so I will continue to play the game, but all these issues are making it very very difficult. 
Please, please, please Codemasters, fix these issues. You are very lucky to have an understanding and committed player base, but I'm pretty sure that is dwindling very quickly. 
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