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[PC] Game lag spikes

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  • It is an absolute joke. I have spent all year, driving this game with the same problem ever since the 1.10 update roughly, and it hasn't even been anywhere near looked at. The problem is that the game has massive lag spikes. I have 90+fps the whole time but then I get a massive lag spike of 0fps which lasts like half a second. It is unplayable cause of how many times this happens. 
  • PC
  • 1.14
  • Multiplayer in general ever since 1.10 update roughly
  • Wired
  • Ranges from 10-20 people
  • No
  • Just me. They saw me lag that's it
  • Happens every time!
  • Just go into multiplayer!
  • Don't have any of them cause this happened way too many times!
  • I was recording and there's many other races where I had the issue.

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Please can you add your Internet Connectivity settings like Wired/Wireless etc. Also from your lobby screen, all other players with you have 1 bar connection or worse (the bars on the far right of the screen). I suspect there is a issue with your Internet settings/ISP here causing this as these should be green.

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