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F1 2020 Logitech FFB problem ON KERBS


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Hey al

As i said in the title, i have a problem with the FFB of my logitech g27 wheel when going on kerbs. When i do, especially in fast corners like the last one in spain, i start to feel the car pulling to the OPPOSITE DIRECTION of the corner, despite me turning in the right direction. The FFB on the kerbs also feels weirdly "light" and different. The strangest thing is THIS: if i play on the WINDOWED [FULLSCREEN] mode.... the problem doesn't occur. It feels fine and the car doesnt turn in the opposite direction. But i cannot play on this mode as for some reason the FPS are capped to 60.

So please, i beg you, i am litterally losing my mind over this, can anyone help me? did someone have the same problem? 

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