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! ! Fuel consumption and engine modes in this game are completely wrong ! !

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Hi I discovered these bug
s after adding the Info menu to the PS4 version, the info menu tells me that I have +3 fuel at the start of 50% race, which itself is wrong in modern F1, after few laps of race, engineer tells me that I'm low on fuel even though I still have +3, not to mention it took me like 6 laps on Red bull ring to get from +3 to +2  and after few laps of running on standard mix, it even gets back to +3, so basically LEAN fuel mix is completely useless in this game and fuel consumption even on fuel demanding tracks is VERY LOW. Another bug is that after running Rich fuel mix for half a lap the engine ALWAYS overheats and the power goes down, so you simply set fuel mix to standard and suddenly the overheating issues are gone after 10s. This happens with every car and every track I played on so far... and in 100% races you even start with +6 laps at the start of the race, so there is basically no fuel saving in this game... :/
 here is the list what is wrong:
-Very low fuel consumption on every track
-overheating issues in Rich fuel mode (2015 season only ! ! ! )
-you can't rely on engineer, his info is completely wrong
-LEAN fuel mode is useless.

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CM have said they're aware of the issues around fuel mixture. Please check the pinned bug threads before posting new ones about them.

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