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PS4 - TNE (Trans-Nation eSports) Season 7 Registration | OPEN TO ALL!!

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The Trans-Nation eSports is entering it’s 7th season and under new management. But we need more drivers to fill up our slots in order to make Season 7 our biggest yet. With the unfortunate flop of drivers in the startings of Season 6 and then our revamped Season 6.5. Season 7 hopes to put all of that to bed and prepare itself for the next upcoming F1 release that will either run Ps4 and Ps5 or Ps5 only (of which a contingency plan is in place).

We are looking for drivers in our Assist and No-assist divisions. We’re not particular this season about how many we need for either, we just need to grab the essential drivers to conduct in our evaluation programmes to find out what tier you may line up in. These evaluations will likely take place between the weeks of the 17th and the 24th of January, 2021 with a scheduled season start of February 7, 2021.

We are also looking for drivers for our Third season of F2 using the F2 cars of 2020 make. Unfortunately due to lobby sizes only allowing 20 cars and 2 spectators or just 22 cars we can only permit 20 drivers per tier for the F2 Nationals but we are more than willing to open up more tiers if the numbers appropriate for it.

Times/Days of races:

The Assist division for TNE operates at 9am New Zealand Daylight Standard time. (NZDT) on Sundays which translates to

7am Australian Eastern Daylight Time Sunday
5am Indonesian/China/Japan Sunday
9pm Central European Time Saturday
8pm British time Saturday
3pm Eastern Standard time (Marking down through the other range of American/Canadian time zone) Saturday

The No-Assist division for TNE operates at 11am New Zealand Daylight Standard time on Sundays which translates to

9am Australian Eastern Daylight time Sunday
7am Indonesian/China/Japan Sunday
11pm Central European Time Saturday
10pm British time Saturday
5pm Eastern Standard time (marking down through the other range of American/Canadian time zones) Saturday

The F2 National series runs at 11am NZDT on Saturdays which translates to

9am Australian Eastern Saturday
7am Indonesian/China/Japan Saturday
11pm Central European Friday
10pm British Friday
5pm Eastern Standard time (and follow downs) Saturday

If you think any of this is you and you’re looking to race against the worlds best then join us today! Our discord links will be provided below! We can’t wait to see you!

TNE Nationals Server Link: https://discord.gg/cQuVuJzzxz
F2 Nationals Server Link: https://discord.gg/eUgdNTP 

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We are now a few days away from our evaluations for Season 7 so we will be closing this off on Friday the 15th and anyone joining after the weekend of the evaluations will be placed on a waiting list to find a placement if there is space for it. So best grab the time now to get aboard with our league, our most common grab is No-Assisters so if you run no-assists then please join us! 

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We are now done with evaluations and tier placements are complete so we no longer require anymore drivers to fill gaps. However we are keen to try and open more tiers per division if the numbers can account for it, so if you join you'll be placed on a waiting list or you can reserve till a new tier can be formed

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