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Dirt Rally 2.0 - No Tutorials

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Hey all,

My question is: If I am struggling to master vehicle tuning in Dirt Rally 2.0, is it worth buying Dirt or Dirt 4 for their tutorials? I haven't played either.

I've been playing a lot of DR 2.0 recently and I know one of the complaints with 2.0 was the lack of any tutorials. I've seen videos showing the final tuning settings for different cars on different tracks but I would actually like a more in depth info on where to start with tuning and what components to tune first, and how tuning certain components will affect other components, etc. so that I can actually improve my tuning abilities. I've watched a lot of videos but still don't feel like I understand tuning nearly as well as I'd like (and I'm still struggling in the Historic mode at a 45-50 difficulty). 

Thanks for your feedback

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