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Using Reverb G2, constant dropped frames :(

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I potentially have some words of hope for everyone suffering from these G2/WMR stutters

I may have stumbled upon a magic combination of settings that is giving me an experience very similar to that of my Rift S. As stated above I am running an RTX 3090 and 9700K.

I'm not exactly sure which of these things has done the trick so I will provide a list of everything I did this evening. 

1. Deleted the "Dirt Rally 2.0" folder from Documents>My Games (This resets all your video settings but not wheel bindings)
2. Started "Windows MIxed Reality for SteamVR" app via my shortcut on the desktop. This starts WMR, Steam and SteamVR all in one.
3. Launched fpsVR and launched Dirt Rally 2.0 in SteamVR mode
4. Tried a race at the default (medium preset) video settings but everything was stutterville like usual. 
5. Exited the race and went to video settings. Changed to MSAA x2 and Anisotropic Filtering 4x then in advanced settings made all settings at the lowest possible value they could go to. Basically everything to off or low or ultra low. Everything was smooth but looked like garbage. In the past there would be stutters even at these lowest settings
6. I began increasing some settings one by one and testing each. 
7. So far I have found the below settings to work. You can possibly increase some other things, but I haven't had time to test yet.
   MSAA x2 and Anisotropic Filtering 4x
   Shadows to High
   Ground Cover to Medium
   Shaders to High 
   All other settings to lowest possible setting

Other Pertinent Things
-Dirt is fully up to date in Steam
-Windows 10 Home is fully up to date
-Nvidia Driver 461.40

SteamVR settings
-SteamVR SS 100% and game specific SS at 100% (I can't remember exactly what this equates to but around 3100 x 3100)
-Motion Smoothing disabled
-Legacy Reprojection Off
-Advanced Supersample Filtering On
-Overlay Redner Quality Low

I have tried about 8 tracks and a couple cars. I'm seeing 1 to 3 brief stutters throughout the race. These little stutters correlate with purple spikes as seen on fpsVR or in SteamVR's native GPU monitor overlay in Developer settings. GPU utilization is 60% to 80% depending on the section of the track. These results have persisted through a computer restart and multiple restarts of the game.

Give it a try when you have a moment and let me know how you do. You might try to gradually increase other things. Perhaps we will find the main culprit. On my preliminary testing, it appears that it is not just one settings but a specific combination which makes it pretty difficult to determine.  

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NOTE: I posted this earlier today on Steam's DR 2.0 forums. I'd really like to find a better solution, so I'm copy/pasting the same below. I hope I don't offend anyone with my cross-posting.


I got an HP Reverb G2 and have spent a lot of time tweaking my graphics settings it to run acceptably, not great. "Upgraded" from a Rift CV1. Maybe something here can help you and/or others out.

Asus Strix B550-i motherboard
AMD 5800X
RTX 2070 Super (461.40 Driver)

My Reverb G2 is plugged into the USB port on my 2070S. Any of the ports on the motherboard gave me errors.

NVIDIA Driver Settings:
On Adjust Image Settings with Preview, first select "Use my preference emphasising" and slide to PERFORMANCE.
Then click "Use the advanced 3D image settings", then click "Take me there"; then
Power management mode: Prefer Maximum Performance

WMR settings:
My Home: Low & 720p (don't think this matters, but don't want any resources wasted on WMR's Home).
Experience: Optimise for performance
Resolution: 4320 x 2160 (best quality) - (I let SteamVR downrez this, see SteamVR Settings)
Frame Rate: 90 Hz (although according to fps VR I'm only hitting 90 fps maybe 20% of the time, the rest of the time at 45 fps)

SteamVR settings:
Render Resolution: Auto on main screen

Then in "Per-Application Video Settings", for DR2.0:
Custom Resolution Multiplier: 68% (here's where I downrez the resolution)
Motion Smoothing: Use Global Setting

DR 2.0 Graphics Settings:
Multisampling: CMAA (this one's very important, at any MSAA setting I get unacceptable frames dropping. My only significant complaint about CMAA is gravel on the road surface becomes shiny, otherwise I'm okay with the downgrade in quality from MSAA in order to significantly reduce the number of dropped frames).
Anisometripic filtering: 8x (doesn't seem to matter too much)

Shader Detail: High (This seems to be the source of all the problems. Set this to Low and I can run MSAA and every setting on High or Ultra and everything's just fine. However it looks absolutely dreadful - like a bad cartoon, not lifelike at all. Sad. I wonder if this is a problem unique to the Reverb G2 or whether it's like this for all graphics cards pushed to their limits with extremely high resolution "screens". Anyone know?).
Texture Detail: High
Reflections: High
Screenplay Reflections: Replay
Shadows: Medium
Night Lighting: Low (still experimenting with this, was getting dropped frames at night in the rain and set it here; medium seemed ok during a dry night)
Ambient Occlusion: Ultra Low
Advanced Ambient Occlusion: Off
Particles: High
Advanced Blending: Off
Weather, Crowd, Cloth, Mirrors: Low
Vehicle Details: Medium
Track: High
Object: Low
Trees: Medium
Ground Cover: Low (seems to have a fairly large effect on frames dropped if turned up)
Skidmarks: On
Motion Blur, God Rays, Chromatic Aberration, Bloom, Light Streaks: Replay
Lens Dust: Off

I tried to strike a balance to get acceptable gameplay and this seems to be it for my system. The CPU uses 8 of its 16 cores at ~20% with the odd spikes to 60% and the other 8 cores near idle so I'm not CPU bound.

I get mostly 45 fps and maybe 5-12 dropped frames per stage. Maybe about 20% of the stage (and of course in the menus) I'm getting 90 fps. GPU usage seems to be around 40-65% (fluctuates). GPU temps are usually < 60C. I wonder why GPU usage isn't higher, it's not that it's running too hot. I guess if it's at 60% and 45 fps, then maybe it would have to run at 120% to hit 90 fps and since it can't do that, it trundles along at 50-60% and 45 fps.

I've had an RTX 3080 on order forever, but not having any luck so far. I'm not sure that would even push me up to 90 fps at High settings, but I can wish.

What's really puzzling me the most is the Shader Detail setting. Why the huge difference in performance switching from Low to High (the only two settings, else I'd try Medium)? Low is so stupid looking, it's hard to think why they even left it in the game. This really puzzles me.

Any how, I left this here to give other HP Reverb G2 users a place to start. Hopefully something here can get you up and running. To reach the above settings took me weeks of frustration and nausea inducing driving. At least now I can race again, but I still wish for a smoother experience and wish I could run at higher settings to experience the HP Reverb G2 and DR 2.0 in all its glory.

I'm kind of thinking the problem is with WMR's compatibililty with DR 2.0, but that's just a hunch I have. I was able to play Half-Life Alyx on Ultra settings with barely any dropped frames and on High with no detectable dropped frames. Given the comment above about the Quest 1 being much better than the G2, I'm really wondering about WMR and whether it's the problem.

If anyone has any improvements to these settings or other tips for improving frame rate and fewer dropped frames, I'd love it if you'd post them here as I'd like to get a better experience. DR 2.0 is 80%+ of my VR gaming and the primary reason I "upgraded" to the HP Reverb G2 so I'm all for improving my VR experience in DR 2.0.

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@BozScaggs I am sure I have deleted the Docs folder before, maybe I will try again and I have run with all kinds of settings lowest to highest. But it's interesting you have seen a big improvement.

I can play a stage on the Quest 2 over VD with high res and settings and get 0 frame drops, yet in the G2 even with lower res I can literally get hundreds on a stage.

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I wonder if there is a way to run it through Revive?

For many Index and Vive users playing iRacing, you need to force it through Revive to prevent a horrible world wobble issue (iRacing are aware of the well known issue).

Perhaps it could work in this instance too if anyone knows how.

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I had also deleted the documents folder before with no change. That was about a month ago however.

I suspect something changed in the cornucopia of programs required to get this thing to run. I know there were updates to: WMR, SteamVR, WMR for SteamVR, Windows 10, the game itself, Nvidia driver. I suspect something changed in one of those.

I'm still able to play with smooth frames, but if I increase in-game settings from what I posted above it starts dropping frames again despite having ample headroom and low frame times. I can increase SteamVR SS without any negative impact though. Currently running 130% 

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