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Strange behavior - is this a bug or is it just too realistic


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I just recently got a Thrustmaster wheel and started playing F1 2019 xbox one x.

I started a career at Williams as that seemed to be the beginner team. However, in the last 3 races I have seen weird behavior during both practice and race. 

E.g. just now, the gear was stuck in 5th gear (I run with full assistant - I just want to have fun), but there was no communication that there was a gearbox problem. I have had that several times now where the gearbox just get stuck in a gear (many times he will tell me to I'm pushing too hard and it can damage the gearbox - this happens sometimes when I just start practice).

Now when I was stuck in 5th, I pulled over and suddenly the practice session was over and I got disqualified - why!!?.

So - all the issues I have with the gearbox, is that because I picked Williams or is it a problem / bug in the game ? It is ok to be 'somewhat' realistic, Williams is the slowest team, but it takes the fun out of playing when you have to make a full lap in 5th.


Edit: And just now, as soon as I left the garage for Practice #2, still on the pit lane, the screen went black / white, and the guy in the headphone says 'that looked bad - let me know if you are alright'... Just like if you had a bad crash. This is kind of ridiculous,




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