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Xbox, PS4 and PC League | Formula Y Racing League

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Hello F1 2020 gamers,
Formula Y is entering Season 2 on Xbox, PS4 and now PC, and we want you to drive with us on a new journey, to become champion.


Sundays at 7PM GMT/8PM CET
Pit assist and high braking assist is banned.
F2 signups now open, 6PM GMT, 50% Feature Race, 25% Sprint Race, a support race for F1!

All drivers start in F2, and work their way up to F1. 

Sunday 5PM GMT/6PM CET, we need many drivers for our first planned race on Jan 3rd.
Pit and high braking assists are banned also.

Friday 7PM GMT
Pit assist and high braking assist banned. 
PC Tier is new, drivers needed. 

We have a very professional stewarding team and have a friendly community, we welcome anyone! 

We also have a rocket league tournament, launched today, sign up now! All abilities welcome!

Join the discord, or send us a message on Instagram, @formulayracingleague


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