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DRS Not Working


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Hi All,

I'm having an issue with this game on my main driving game rig.  The DRS does not work, when the DRS is flashing I press the button to enable and noting happens, it continues to flash and does not engage, if I hold the button it stops flashing (turns off) but is not engaged.  (I know it's assigned to this button and I know the button works as I tested other assignments to this button and I have even tried assigning DRS to a different button)

This is really hurting my practice and quail times, the only thing I can do is lower the difficulty level to compensate but then it's too easy to win.

Is this a known bug?  I can't find mention of it anywhere.  It works fine on my other PC using an XBox Controller but I want to play with my wheel/triple screen setup as a racing game is meant to be played.

Here are the specs of my machines:

PC 1: (DRS Not working)

AMD 8350 (8 Core) @4ghz
8gb Ram
MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard
2x GTX660 in SLI @5200x1050 (triple screen/bezel corrected)
Logitech Momo Racing Wheel

PC 2: (DRS Working)

Intel Core i5 3570k @3.4ghz
8gb Ram
ASRock Mobo (not sure model no.)
GTX970 (Running @1080p on single screen) 
XBox 360 Controller

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