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how about new Character editor through update/DLC and in the next F1!?

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Never seen new Faces for Male faces or more female faces (girlfriends wishes that). Many Players wanted more Name sounds to select. When we select the Nation were we come from, Why there isn´t yet where we can select the Anthem for our Nation. Never understand why this isn´t inlcuded in a lone "high rank" F1 game for this decade, btw also missing that Fanfare both Driver and Team in the winning ceremony. it´s part off all that real feel, without a win feels like, "oh i have won, meeh seems nothing special, gimme that price i have to go". Also, when not giving players the option to create own faces/bodys, than better some edit option for the ingame faces/body. For hair, eyes, body type and height or weight (height and weight plays a role in real f1)



Fine, you bring out now Helmet designs in Series 2 and 3, 4, 5 and and and.

What about a Update or better new DLC has included a, all Players called for, Helmet Editor. PC Players has the advantage to create their own by mod, but what about the console players? An In-game helmet-creator should solv the Problem.



Look on the MotoGP 2020 from Milestone, they had it include that perfectly.

MotoGP 2020 helmet editor

There can also the option to put Sponsors on the Helmet, where Players placed and sized them on their own style. In yours, sponsors less, can´t change position or size or Colour, can´t move Team sign to another Position or option to choose wether want that sign on helmet or not.

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