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What? You´re boring of your standard car design?

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Well well, over month using the same standard car design, even in MyTeam mode there is no new look from season to season. Why not, in real F1 a Team research and build a new car design with more or less changes every new season. But CM´s new top F1-Title doesn´t have that. We have 10 opponent Teams to copy the parts from front, cockpit, chassis and rear, so build up a window where players can select different types of parts they want to create their own look of a car.

An idea to this, in career became this parts little positive or negative bonuses, deppending on research. Standard beginner-level parts are low with negativ  or none effect. every parts are different to the others, means ferrari front better than williams but williams has the better chassis, your select a Alpha rear is none. After research and a certain level the effect changes depending on your personal design department & research facility level, like in real F1.Maybe an idea for Personal, players can hire Chiefs for Every Department from low level/salary to Expert level/high salary, also with little effect bonus. But not to make the game to complex.

Continued to the  2.main part. all over that, we missing that same as suits, not all liverys are unlocked to change the colour. And for a 70years edition, where are the next classic cars and liveries. Like, laudas ferrari or Jochen Rindts, Piquets Benetton, Keke´s Williams, Panis 96 Ligier, Bianchis Marussia, etc. some new legendary.

And why we can til months, not use the standard classic liveries for our own car? Driving in 2020 with a Marlboro McLaren, 92 Benetton or BMW Williams Livery would be nice.

I like that 96 Ligier design Print from Sean Bull on that pic down there. How awesome is that to see it in F1-20. PC players again have the advantage to Mod the Liveries for their Game, and HALLO CM what´s for the Console Players? In-game Livery creator can help again. Where Player can also place and size Sponsors, numbers & Team Sign, as they like.

Paint Shop similar to forza or gran turismo to where you can properly paint a car/helmet/suit/logos and maybe and option to share with friends for league racing. (thanks on Freakstyle)



Another Part in the empty Box F1-20 and F1-21. Sounds sometimes hard, but yeah CM listen to the great community, don´t sit on your pre-game success. To be the only F1 developer doesn´t mean to run straight. The basis core had to improve and evolve, years ago.

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