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look at my showroom


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Older Post calls for a showroom that a player can customize in context with create a Team logo.

The empty standard showroom is so boring, someone didn´t spend much time on it. Okay, first create a Logo is easy and so subtle, who programm this? The Sign are simple and we can unlocked more of this "not so good locking" stuff in the shop. C´mon, one letter or pic for us? why we can´t build a complete name with this, missing a creator AGAIN. (to create your own style own Sign) Where are classic Signs like BMW, Modena, Leyton House or Minardi etc., and why i can´t change the size and position from my sign or write my-team-name along the nose. All that little things love players. So than to the Big Empty Showroom, with Standard background Board. See what PC Modders do how beautiful, background Board with both Sign And Teamname  or only Teamname in dfferent colours. Not in the standard game or for Console players. Why do the most developer fail to include such option for all Platforms they can´t mod or as basic option. And it would be nice to see some accessories like plants, season pictures and showcases. A comfortable HQ overlook that changes when your Franchise (connected with the Facility Level) becomes bigger.

Alll that what makes you feel Home in your Team HQ. Nice gimmick


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