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Most of the time, ranked lobbies are demolition derbies where 5 lap races are always/usually NOT won by the best player in the lobby (unless the map is more technical like Hungary or Baku).

To fix the reduction in points from finishing outside the top 50%, where the loss of points is due to someone driving into someone else. The game should remove the reduction in points if someone that finishes outside the top 50% has the fastest lap or the game could take the 3 best lap times of each driver and if someone that finishes outside the top 50% had the 3 fastest on average laps they  wouldn't see a reduction in points.

I've at several races in row where someone crashes in front of me and the game doesn't ghost them and I hit them ruining my front wing, I've been in lobbies where people just run into the front group on the first turns (BAKU, Italy, ect). I think the game needs a way of an out of a points reduction when it may be at no fault of there own.

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Turn 1 on most tracks is really frustrating. You get a good grid position when qualifying then you taken out by some donkey at turn 1. And I am constantly getting braked checked by slower cars in an attempt to destroy my front wing. Pretty unsportsmanlike like. And then your safety rating goes down the toilet. I’ve actually found the unfranked lobbies way more professional. Go figure. Codies really need to fix this.

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