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Tire punctures

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Just ran my first race in Australia and had 2 tire punctures. Is there something I can do in my setup to reduce the likelihood of this, or is this something to do with my driving? 

Racing a Williams, here's my setup:


Front 1

Rear 1



with: 75%

without: 80%


Suspension Geometry:

Front Camber: -3,50

Rear Camber: -2.00

Front Toe: 0,15

Rear Toe: 0,50



Front: 10

Rear: 2

Front Anti-Roll Bar: 10

Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 10



Front: 17,8

Rear: 17,8



Ballast: 7

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One thing, in Melbourne you don't need the front suspension to be that high as there isn't that much high speed corners there.. I suggest bringing it down to 5-6 as the higher the value, the more the tyre wear, and I am sure that is a time trial setup... Next thing is the tyre pressures... Put them to 17.0 psi, lowest. Penultimate thing is the anti roll bars, you don't need 10 front and rear, it should be at around 5-8 for the front and 3-7 for the rear. Next thing is driving, brake, release brake, turn, straighten the car, throttle. However, these are to my driving style, who loves a very stable rear end car and one more thing is that, the differential, if you really want the car to be sliding off or on the throttle then that's good, however that increases tyre wear...

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