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GRID Autosport controller on iPad

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Cheers fellas!

It's my first post here, so don't come shi&&'ng all over it right away! 🙂

Because ... Yeah. I'm playing GRID Autosport on iPad. It's epic! And I'm not pretending I'm a sim racer, just a guy that doesn't want to own a console and a 2000€ sim rig.

I like everything about this game. I can't wait for a multiplayer update, though.

To the point. I like the sim/game, the handling is intuitive, the tilt controls have always been great.

It's just one thing. iPad's don't have any 3D touch or anything so the breaking and accelerating in tilt mode are just on or off. Which is terrible for a smooth driving.

I could play it with controller, but then I would have to steer with a stick, and that's not intuitive.

Is there a controller of some sorts available just for accelerating and breaking? That it has 2 triggers that are not just switches on or off.

It would be a propper sim experience if I could install 2 things for breaking and accelerating and just get the ABS and TC off.

Thank you guys for all the information.

If this topic is more suitable for the technical part of the forum I apologise in advance and will gladly move it there.


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