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Anyone interested in a drifting series?

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This would be for those who want something a little more structured and complete than just random lobby joining for GAS. Would be qualifying into knock out bracket just like FD or D1. Could be 16 or 32 spots depending on interest. I'm thinking no passing except in approved areas just as they do IRL. So it would be more tandem focused than the game actually is. Also say your final scores are only 200-500 points appart. That could be taken as a one more time situation. So you'd do your lead and chase runs again until someone wins by over that one more time margin. Also things like going off course or spining would disqualify your score for that run. So you'd subtract whatever your 0 run was from your final score. Also things like inactive chasing where the chase driver hangs far back to get easy points would be a zero for the run. Just loose ideas right now, but considering how popular virtual formula drift and virtual D1 is in Forza I don't see why we couldn't do something like it in GAS.
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I get what you mean I wish it could be straight tandem but I figure I'd see if we can use what the game gives us since it is a huge step forward compaired to others. It'll take some testing to see how scores come out if the chase driver is using the leader as his clipping point
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I'm the lucky B*****d that's been playing GAS for the last month or more. I also run a small Steam/Xfire/Racenet drift team from old the days of Grid 1. Grid 2 (imho) almost killed it, GAS has brought drift back from the dead.

Had a few of the team playing yesterday and as you CAN set up marathons 20 lap events it's still only 1 on 1, I really wanted to see this sort of thing again,


That's 3 members of SRS13, Myself (S 1701E), Zappac (dude recording the 1st and 2nd vids here), Avail and our long term drift friend from -Kami-DT- - Kami-DT-Han -, all just having a giggle in Grid 1 while trying to keep it clean.

I was also part of the ESL 1 on 1 Grid drift ladder for some time. This idea is definitely of interest, as is the idea of a general gathering of drifters up for havin a laugh instead of stressing about points ALL the time :)

We did loads of this too


Typical warmup for me was here.


Then off for stuff like this


Really glad Gird Autosport drift is back to this sort of thing.

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