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Why is it harder to go up from 100 to 110 AI?

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Hi CM,
I wanted to ask for a while, just out of curiosity...

We can approximate (depending on the track, etc.) the AI speed increment to 0,1 s. per lap up to AI = 100 (or at least 90 to 100, I don't know exactly below), and 0,2 s. above.
This means, just to clarify to novices, that the difference in the AI performance between 100 and 101 is double that between 99 and 100 (and equal to 98 and 100).

It must be a choice by design but... Why?

From my point of view, on the one hand it makes you perceive as "more difficult" to rise above 100 (is it the purpose?), but on the other hand just when it becomes more difficult to lower your lap time or race pace, there is no possibility of a "fine tuning" which would be welcome just as the level of play increases. E.g. if I'm good at 105 and would like to increase the difficulty, I need 2 more tenths to match 106, which is damn hard because I'm already consistent and cannot find so easily unexpected tenths. I would need 105,5 :classic_blush:

Why not just continue the progression up to 120? Which would mean...

-----   -----
 100     100
  -      101
 101     102
  -      103
 ...     ...
  -      117
 109     118
  -      119
 110     120


Not a problem at all, just curiosity... In fact I was undecided between "F1 Chat" and "Suggestions" section, but since I finally launched a suggestion... :classic_smile:


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