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Super new and have some questions

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Hello! I got the game last night and had a blast but I do have some questions.

First, I'm having trouble upping the difficulty. I'm at 20 and planning top 3 with the McLaren so it obviously needs to be raised. Every time I pause the game to raise it, the option is greyed out so I'm not sure how to go about doing it.

Second, currently I'm running with all assists and automatic. For starting a race is there anything more to it than to just hold down the throttle all the way? routerlogin

Third, where can I change my tire allocation? Every time I go to the tire set up it just shows me what I have but I don't see any option to actually change it away from balanced or customize it.

Fourth, how much should I be realistically be driving in the practice and qualifying days? I've been trying to get the 10 lap bonus but it seems like I'm wearing out my components way too much. Speaking of which... How high of a percent is it safe to keep driving on a component?

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Hi @joshmacde85,

Welcome to the forums! Answers for the below are always 'results may vary' depending on what you would like for your experience, but I'll take a swing at them.

  •  If you are running in Career, you have to do this at the start of the session, by pressing 'Options'. I've added a screenshot for you from my test Career save.
  •  If you are running with all assists on, it will be press the throttle and go. There is a manual start option with the clutch if you want to take that challenge on (Simple to use and adds to the drama)
  •  On the tyre allocation screen before a race weekend, you can choose between 'Balanced', 'Softer' and 'Harder' by scrolling across.
  •  However much you need. If you are new to the game, use the practice sessions and changing the gearbox in these will have no penalty. In terms of the engine, it might be worth the grid penalty or two over the course of the year to get the desired improvements and familiarity to the track/game. Most people, after some experience, move up the initial difficulty levels quickly up to around 50-70, and then the process becomes a little slower as the game becomes harder. I'm still not at 110 at all tracks, and sit, on average, and about 102.

I've added some screenshots that may help you with these questions too.





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So ill try my best to answer some of these

1: so i take it that ur doing a mclaren career, so to find your difficulty go to quick race as bottas doing the one shot qualifying and e.g. on 30 ai and do the quali 3 or so times and look at your times relative to Hamilton, if you are quicker by a mile then raise again and vice versa, when you find the perfect ai level you should be within a tenth or two. And as for it being greyed out, you can only change things before the session starts or by changing the session options on the computer before going into fp1 for example. This may help also image.thumb.jpg.2da11aa73e25a7586aaaf637dba050a9.jpg

2: if you move to manual race starts you will have to hold the clutch in (usually the upshift button) and apply throttle, and obviously when the lights go out you release the clutch and stay on throttle, again practice this in quick race

3: to change tyre allocation you will see “go to race weekend” or “change tyre allocation” and you simply press on the tyre allocation, however there isn’t really any point in changing it imoimage.thumb.jpg.e5d21d59f4da60b12c5e487ac66d53c4.jpg

4: and as for practice you should only drive in fp1 and fp2 as fp3 uses the race gearbox, you should aim to do all practice programmes to maximise resource points to upgrade your car, for qualifying I usually only do 1 lap in Q1 as i am usually through same for Q2 and i do 2 runs in Q3 (one at the start and one at the end) and as for component they will start to have negative impacts at 50% and you should never really go over 75% as it will literally be a mclaren honda

anything else or if i have missed anything just ask :classic_smile:

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