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Update?? to F1 2020 | Compatible Wheels And Controllers ?


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6 hours ago, BAB666 said:

Is there an update to the July 2020 post from @BarryBL on status of Logitech G923 addition to F1 2020? Trying to decide if I should buy G923 or just buy the 5 year old G920 for my new Xbox X. Thanks!

July 2020 Post: F1 2020 Compatible Wheels and Controllers

Depends if you want the G923 features or if you can snag a G920 at a good price. As a Fanatec user, I can tell you if I had the time again I would snag a used G920, because a) it's a good starter, b) you'll want to upgrade, c) full G923 support may or may not come via a patch that may or may not come*

* Looking at the SteamDB there is a 1.15 patch queued and was just updated to a Dev QA branch (some Thrustmaster stuff too) so I suspect we may get a patch very soon, content unknown.

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