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Remove 3 tracks and add your own 3 .

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If you could which 3 tracks would you remove from the calendar and what 3 would you replace them with ?.

1. Monaco fun to drive single lap good challenge but so dull to race .

2. Baku decent last sector but track just to tight dull to race on .

3. Yas marine Just don't enjoy and part of the track . 


1. Misiano. race it a lot on moto go 20 and ACC it fun track fast ,tricky and wide to pass etc.

2.Mugelo. Awesome track again race it loads in moto go 20 and ride 4 such a cool track.

3.Kylami. Never even new of this track before ACC it a great track fast , tricky corner's to .








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  1. Hanoi
  2. Baku
  3. Abu Dhabi


  1. Nürburgring
  2. Turkey
  3. Kuala Lumpur

Note: there are way more circuits I would like to be replaced (Le Castellet, Singapore, Socchi, Budapest, I don't need raplacements for them (maybe Hockenheim because of patriotism)

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For the game moreso than IRL:


  1.  Definitely Monaco 
  2.  Maybe Singapore 
  3.  Maybe Hanoi (or Baku, I'm not a big fan of street circuits)


  1.  Fuji Speedway
  2.  Hockenheim
  3.  Sepang Circuit (Malaysia -- one of my favorites from 2017, a great mix of high speed corners, quirky technical stuff, and long straights)


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