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IMOKO - Club for the history of rallying

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The new club called Imoko

So, it's a brand new club about remembering histoy of rallying.
The first part of the first championship (4 parts in total) starts at 21:00 on the 11th of January.
The theme of the championship is Local Heroes.
12 rallies - 9 stages - 7 days each - remembering WRC between its start in 1973 and 1984.
I picked one rally each year with a national driver (not winner or the best one) who competed on home soil.
The original car was used in the real life event is recommended but not mandatory.

The itinerary of the first part:
1. Monte Carlo - H2 RWD - recommended: Renault Alpine A110
IRL: Rallye Monte Carlo 1973 - Jean-Claude Andruet - Renault Alpine A110 - winner
2. Scotland - H3 RWD - recommended: Datsun 240Z
IRL: Rally of the Rideau Lakes 1974 - Canada - Bo Skowronnek - Datsun 240Z - 6th
3. Germany - H3 RWD - recommended: Lancia Stratos
IRL: Tour de Corse 1975 - France - Bernard Darniche - Lancia Stratos - winner
4. Wales - H2 RWD - recommended: Ford Escort MKII
IRL: Lombard RAC Rally 1976 - GB - Roger Clark - Ford Escort MKII - winner
5. Sweden - H2 RWD - recommended: Opel Kadett GT/E
IRL: Int. Swedish Rally 1977 - Anders Kullang - Opel Kadett GT/E - 3rd
6. Australia - H2 RWD - recommended: Ford Escort MKII
IRL: Rallye de Portugal 1978 - Carlos Torres - Ford Escort MKII - 8th
7. New Zealand - H2 RWD - recommended: Ford Escort MKII
IRL: Rally of New Zealand 1979 - Blair Robson - Ford Escort MKII - 2nd
8. Spain - H2 RWD - recommended: Fiat 131 Abarth
IRL: Tour de Corse 1980 - France - Michele Mouton - Fiat 131 Abarth - 5th
9. Australia - H2 RWD - recommended: Opel Kadett GT/E
IRL: Rallye de Portugal 1981 - Pequepe - Opel Kadett GT/E - 8th
10. Monte Carlo - Group B RWD - recommended: Porsche 911 SC
IRL: Rallye Monte Carlo 1982 - Guy Frequelin - Porsche 911 SC - 4th
11. Scotland - Group B RWD - recommended: Opel Manta 400
IRL: Lombard RAC Rally 1983 - GB - Jimmy McRae - Opel Manta 400 - 3rd
12. Germany - Group B RWD - recommended: Lancia 037
IRL: Rallye Sanremo 1984 - Italy - Miki Biasion - Lancia 037 - 3rd

I know it's a lot about RWD but the next part will bring different challenges.

See you on the stages!

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That’s a really nice selection of cars you’ve picked there, if only there were more hours in the day for me to have a go.

I might try to do a few of them, not that I’ll trouble the leaderboards much!

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