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GRID 2 - DLC required you don't own.

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Me and a friend of mine were trying to play GRID 2 online on Spa last night. 
He's got the reloaded edition which includes all DLC, and I bought the Spa DLC (and others), but whenever one of us creates a lobby and the other tries to join, the one joining gets a pop-up saying he doesn't own the required dlc.

What is going wrong here, we both pay for extra content just to be unable to actually use it...

Is this a known issue and how can this be solved?
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Well that's just stupid. In DiRT 3 you can play with people who drive a Mini Ghymkhana even if you don't own it yourself. They should have put a disclaimer on it or something, or better, just fix it already. 
Really, I don't have any words for this...

I guess I'll let my friend disable all the DLC I don't own and try if it works that way. 
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