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CM have time to delete entire (productive) threads - rather than provide "Technical Assistance". Hmm


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So there was a thread here called "Pedal linearity what is linear?" in which a member asked, respectfully, which setting was most linear (0%, 50% or 100%).

One other member decided to be a smart ass, and was rightfully put in his place by decent members who just wanted to help - but other than that the thread was actually a useful discussion on issue of linearity. There were no inappropriate comments or in fighting going on, and no reason I can see why the thread would be moderated at all. That is of course, unless CM didn't like the frank discussion about the currently very messy state of their control system.

Well, the thread wasn't just moderated, it has been completely deleted! This is the original link from my browser history (http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/13494/pedal-linearity-what-is-linear#latest) and as you can see, it's gone.

I realize this isn't a democracy (I've been on CM forums too long to know how that works), but it still amazes me this kind of blatant censorship/moderation occurs in what is supposed to be an "Assistance" forum. If the CM staff aren't going to be active here, at least give us.... the customers who have bought and supported your product... the freedom to try and help each other in your absence. I've bought F1 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015, along with every CMR and Dirt game every made, including the early access (read: crowd funded) Dirt Rally. Please don't treat customers like myself with the contempt you appear to be showing here. I will take the non-deletion of this thread as sign that appreciate the fans who support you both financially and publicly, as well as an indication that you are willing to accept criticism where it is due.

Perhaps the deletion of this thread was a mistake, if so that is still very poor form, but better than the alternative. I have no desire to start an argument with CM, I've been following this team for 5 years and know they only respond to praise... so I sure hope this missing thread is a one off and not a sign of corporate censorship in the face of contractual pressure to appear successful.

As for the members I was having a linearity discussion with, it is still my intention to assess the values independently and report back here with something useful. Unfortunately, this is what constitutes a manual these days.

BTW: This threads URL is: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/13617/cm-have-time-to-delete-entire-productive-threads-rather-than-provide-technical-assistance-hmm#latest . Screenshots have been made. If it disappears too, well.... 
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