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What system you buying Grid Autosport for?


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dirt3joe said:
mcnab said:
Ps3 cause PC's are a pain .
Yeah but when your Ps3 breaks can you fix it easily yourself

Why would you bother ? You can pick them up from amazon for less than the price of a high end graphics card.
Which 99/100 people couldn't fix either.
i hope so too as a Geforce GTX Titan Z will cost ya around £2300

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Who needs a high end graphics card?  How about a GTX 660, 2 GB @ under $200?
I race because I have a PC that will play video games and do other entertainment, work, communicate, create and do my banking  If I had to have a console to race, I wouldn't.  PC forever!  At my house anyway.

OK, I'm done.

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I plan on playing deep into my career before I start racing online, like I did with the first Grid. I don't want to be the jack-ass out there wrecking everyone by accident. I didn't start racing online with the first grid until I beat all diseplines within the game and I still made legend in about 3 months of racing.
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