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F1 2020: Driver Career on Xbox One X Crashing Before Contract Renewal

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1.       After finishing the last of 10 races and advancing time to the contract renewal, the Xbox made the jackhammer/crashing noise and the game quit.
2.       What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 
3.       Driver Career
4.       It happens every time I try to advance, can't get past Nov 29th.
5.       aforementioned
6.       I unplugged the xbox and restarted the game, still had the same issue.
7.       Logitech g920 wheel and pedals.

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i have the same issue on pc renewed drivers contract vettel retired and im stuck on the end of season 2 cant advance the days lost a lot of game hours not happy not happy at all there are reports of many players having this issue yet codemaster does nothing last F1 game i waste my money on 

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Hello guys.

Did someone manage to solve this problem. I have the same issue. After finish season and manage the activities in the calendar I tried to advance time and it get stock doing nothing. Also tied to sing the same driver but there wasn’t the option of “approach driver”.

I deleted it from the console and now it won’t sync and can’t play.

this is my fourth problem with 2020 in this month. Last 3 were the “corrupted data” thing and in all three I lost all my progress.

if Codemaster can’t fix this I want my money back. It’s so frustrating and they don’t even answer. Shame on you.

want my money back

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