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Suggestions for Grand Prix and Split Screen modes


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Hi! First time poster. Been enjoying the game, and wanted to pose some suggestions for the Grand Prix and Split Screen modes.

  • Ability to use replace a real driver with a custom one in Grand Prix and Split Screen. I always thought it was a tad weird that you could have a custom driver in Career and Multiplayer, but not Grand Prix mode. On the screen where you pick a driver, you could have a button prompt that brings up the custom driver roster, or the currently selected solo driver, and that would replace the driver currently selected with your custom driver.
  • Ability to use the custom car in Grand Prix. Similar to the last suggestion, it would be cool if we could use our custom cars and the eleventh team in Grand Prix mode. This would be similar to how it currently works in Split Screen mode, with the custom team in the last slot of the team menu. It would also be cool if you could pick your teammate from your custom driver roster, instead of just having one of the Career Invitational AI drivers. For example, driver 1 could be the driver designated for solo play, and you could then pick your second driver from your pool of custom drivers.
  • Manual grid setup. Have an option under the Qualifying Settings that allows the player to manually assign each car to a grid slot. It would be fun to create scenarios to play with, like reverse grids and the like.
  • Truly random grid option. Currently, if a player opts to not do qualifying, the grid will be setup roughly in line with car performance, with some variation. However, the Sprint Championship in Championships mode uses a completely random grid, with no regard for car performance. I think it would be pretty fun to have this option to mess around with in Grand Prix and Split Screen, as it could create some hectic races, particularly in Split Screen.
  • Equal performance option for Split Screen. I understand that for licensing reasons equal performance isn't available in Grand Prix mode, but would it be possible to have this option in a Split Screen race? Maybe it should only be available in a no AI driver event, but it would be great to not have to worry about car performance when racing against another person.


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