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Quick online matchmaking

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I usually play online only 3 or 5 laps game, its a nice way to play online without using too much time and without effort.

This make me almost a casual gamer (even if a play AI at 90 with Elite settings in single player)

Everytime i want to play online i have to try multiple rooms, searching for short games in lobby and joining them. Since 99% of the times when i join a game its already started i have to wait. So my new strategy is "join game at the last lap", i have lower waiting times but still takes me some minutes just to join a game.

An online "Quick start" mode can be awesome, where the game auto assigns me on a room giving us a few filter: track lenght, damage, cars type (and other? not too many)

So a player like me can set only 5 laps game filter and leave empty the other filters, click start.. and wait for matchmaking. What really happens is that the game actually scans all the games with my filter and join the one with more players and lowest ping. If no games are available the game should create a new one. So its only a "client-side" work, but it can offer a really better quality of life update for the online mode

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