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F1 2021 ideas

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Come on people let's all share are ideas for the next f1 game hopefully they will take notice. 

My Ideas:

▪️Realistic car damage, punctures and engine failures. 

▪️Ai that actually makes mistakes example: spins of runs wide and crashes especially in wet. 

▪️More customisation example: character face creation from scratch, manual driver transfers and stats editable, more editable car options to my team. 

▪️All f1 tracks in game so we can use what we want and make our own calendar, I know licences are an issue but even if its maybe a buyable option. 

▪️Drive as any driver in career mode or my team rather than just your created character. 

▪️Bring back spectator mode like in f1 Championship edition I personally loved that mode being able to watch full races and edit driver start positions. 

▪️No more micro transactions just make everything unlockable by completing challenges or goals gives players something to work for like the podium thing they use now. 

▪️More seasons in my team and career mode. 

▪️Driver interviews together rather than just news team alone. 

▪️Better race wins and podium cut scene also correct to the actual race weather and bring back national anthems. 

▪️Race Comentery optional. 

▪️Better driver faces f1 seems to be lacking in that respect compared to most games and this is a big one no more blury picture quality on drivers or cars. 

▪️Dlc ideas: classic tacks, drivers, cars and of course Murray walker comentery will pay anything for these and option to use classic car liverys on my team would be rather ace. 

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Remove the ‘arcadey’ elements - Manual control Into/out of pit box/grid slot. 
Not having to select ‘drive out’ Every. Single. Time!!

also, this is probably better posted in the ‘suggestion’ forum?

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