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500h error again

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Hello all, i have f12020 my own, never head this problem. Bought the game yesterday for my son and he gets only the error 500h. He cant do any multiplayer nor reading mails. (Is 0, but must had allready some trophy from offline playing) i can only find dozen of same problem but never a sollution. 

patch 1.14

game data from 13.01.21

PS4 slim NL

tried even to open ports in modem, but thats not allowed anynore. 
im out of what to do next, so i really hope anyone knows what to do. Must be simple. 
Fyi, 1gb internet about 2 meters from wifi point with 550mb/sec wifi. 
some other pages says servers down, but why can i join a servee than?

so for my son please help


kind regards


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