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Bug race strategy


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3 hours ago, Sennatico said:

After the last update on 2 of each race the engineering tell me get into the pits, we have the change strategy. Does the same thing happen to someone else? It seems that it was a bug.



Sounds like someone damaged their front wing?

or you’ve burned through your tyres quicker than expected?

or you’ve gone much longer on the tyres so can extend the stint/use a softer compound?

or it’s started/stopped raining?

a bit more info would be useful

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I've had this a couple of times, Jeff just tells me to come in with no option to confirm or keep current. I just ignore it, in the words of Kimi Raikkonen "I know what i'm doing". I'm on season 3 of Myteam though and I think I screw up the system when I run longer on tyres than is allegedly possible, like to lap 40 at China on mediums waiting for incoming rain, or to 45 on mediums at Canada for an M/S one stop while the AI do three.

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