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Suggestions F1 2021

Jonah Veck

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After spending the last 2 months doing a championship with a mate I’ve discovered more cons than pros throughout the game sadly. 

- the most common occurrence that must be addressed is the lack of safety car or VSC appearance when multiple cars have engine failures or even two AI cars spinning off leaving debris. I have found that only user created incidents are the only to cause a safety car and I find this extremely unrealistic and ruins the excitement of have a change of race strategy.

- the second con is the damage module, as though punctures and front wing damage is great I would like to see the car’s performance be affected if such damages are occurred on the rear wing or side pod. This would make a great addition as it would stop drivers dive bombing as the threat of side pod damage is non existent in the game. 

- though this is the third con it’s definitely the most wanted issue I want improved. The aggression of AI should be immensely increased in certain situations such as last lap battles, or AI drivers sending it to overtake instead of sitting behind with a 3 tenth gap for 15 laps. This issue must be fixed as it completely ruins the challenging process of the dying laps on a race. 

though the championship was very exciting and fun these issues being fixed in F1 2021 would immensely improve gameplay and excitement 

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