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Next F1 Title - Question

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Hi everyone,

hope you’re well and I hope if you’re living in the U.K. like me, you’re doing your best to deal with the lockdown!


Just a quick one, I’m quite excited for the start of this F1 season and along with that excitement comes the excitement with the next F1 instalment. I completely understand that it hasn’t been announced yet but that doesn’t really stop us from speculating!

1. The season hasn’t started yet so do you guys think that now Imola has been added, that will be in the game? Or do you think Codemasters will say that it’s too late? 

the reason I ask is because the official calendar was announced not too long ago so surely this gives Codemasters time to implement it. I understand from previous interviews that they get track scans from F1 themselves. 

2. Will this game be for Next Gen?


The reason I ask is because when F1 2015 came out. It only came out on the PS4/ Xbox one and not the PS3/ Xbox 360 so could we be looking at a similar case? Do we think Codemasters would want to repeat this in order to take full advantage of the tech in the new consoles or due to the existing user base on last gen, will we get another Title based on the previous consoles?


this is only speculative guys, would love to know your thoughts! 

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Given that both  the series X and PS5 are both backwards compatible with the XB1 awnd PS4 I'd say it's likely they'll release the gam eon the earlier platforms and maybe just release an enhancement patch or something fo rthe nweer systems like mos tother game developers are. As for the nwe tracks I'd imagin egiven both Portima oand Imola are both on the calendar that yes they will be in the game. Imola will be easy to transition in anyway due to the fact that F1 2013 had it. Portimao though will require building in from the ground up.

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