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ideas for achievements

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Name of Achievement:

Nico hit me!:
Collide with your teammate while fighting for points
Multi 21:
Pass your teammate for victory (teammate must finish 2nd or 3rd)
Doing a Mark Webber:
Lose 5 places on the start
Doing a Fernando Alonso:
Gain 2 places on the start
Smiling Ozzie:
Overtake at least 5 cars in the race
Set two consecutive fastest laps in the race
Grande Vettel!:
Win the Italian GP in your first season
That's not very nice!:
Overtake a car in monaco while touching it
Leave me alone!:
Win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Easy come, easy go:
Lose the championship battle in the last race
Sweet Victory:
Win the championship battle in the last race
Bernie says: Think before you drive
Finish your first F1 race
Maldonado Style:
Get three Penalties in one race
Not bad for a number 2 driver:
Be behind your teammate every season at a weekend but win the race
Forza Ferrari!:
Win the Constructors' Championship with Ferrari
After taking a long break
Win the Constructors' Championship with Mercedes
Start of a streak
Win the Constructors' Championship with Red Bull
But can you do it on a hot night in singapore?
Win the Singapore GP
So done!!!:
Win the WDC before the last race
Full distance!
Finish an 100% Race
Bring it over the distance:
Finish a race although your has ERS failed
You will always be in our hearts Jules:
Score points with manor-marussia
Slipstream Hero:
Overtake two cars in a DRS Zone
Not a Energy Drink:
Finish in the Top 3 with a Toro Rosso
We are the Champions!!!
Win the WDC
That's what I am talking about
Get 10 consecutive Poles

What do you think about these achievements?
More to come! ;)

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Some are kinda dumb..Lose 5 places? Lose championship battle in last race? Get five penalties? What are those really achieving? Other than that, some pretty good stuff there.

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Going up a gear: exit the pit lane in a higher gear than 2nd 

Crown jules: score points in a marussia 

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The perfectionist worth 950G or equivalent for steam and PSN
This is achieved by the development making  a game that achieves an average rating of 80%.
The rating system would be a new feature that they could "sell" for their next game and this achievement would be secret and impossible to get unless everyone likes their game and if they do get an 80% average rating they can go on holiday and not think about any patches for us!

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Odemdemz said:
Some are kinda dumb..Lose 5 places? Lose championship battle in last race? Get five penalties? What are those really achieving? Other than that, some pretty good stuff there.
yeah I know. some of these ideas need fine-tuning. I'm just playing F1 2015 for the achievements because this game doesn't offer very much, does it? After one season of championship mode I got bored. Mulitplayer on PC is broken as hell.
Well, and these current F1 2015 achievements are just stupid and silly. for example: Set 50 clean laps at Sochi in Time Trail in a Marussia?! I mean why would you do this?!
So I want to create "real life achievements". Achievements which are based on true incidents. That's why I came up with the ideas "lose championship battle in the last race" which relates to Massa in Brazil 2009.
If you get at achievements unlocked you have to play career mode more than one time :) 

and I tweeted this post to a dev and he favoured it :) maybe we will see some of my ideas in the next F1 game

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I especially like the Maldonado achievement! 

hahahaha :D that's a cool website

I am glad you enjoyed my ideas :)

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