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The pinnacle of motorsport


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This is my first post on this forum and the reason I am here is that I am curious to find out after watching various you tube channels by F1 gamers and the F1 E sports videos why after paying hundreds or thousands of ££££s for a wheel , pedals sim rig ?  do the majority of gamers choose to drive their car using the T- Cam View, obviously it is because it is easier to see the apex of the corner and therefore be able to drive faster and the display has the revs of the motor plus there is some view of the mirrors etc but as the title of this piece states the sport that codemasters has brilliantly and painstakingly brought to life (truly amazing what they have managed to produce) represents the pinnacle of motorsport.

This driving in T- Cam view alongside  talk of tyre compounds , ERS deployment strategies, Hi end wheelbases  for the best and most real driving feeling and. the importance of the pedals because braking is the key to a quick lap is slightly at odds with then diluting the whole experience by driving a formula one car in what can only be described as Karting View. The other cars on the Grid are Formula one cars yet the one that you are driving as a 10 Ft high version of a driver is an enormous Kart; if you do not believe me go to your game that includes Karting in the contents have a drive round a circuit and see the similarity to your T- Cam view in F1 , it is this comparison that is a little perturbing to me as not only is T- cam view unsporting but it also makes F1 actually Karting which is strange to say the least .

I wondered what the reaction would be to F1 fans  if the 2022 cars were showcased and the drivers seating position had been moved up on the top of the T-cam with a long steering column exiting from the tub and reaching up to the driver , the mind boggles.

Hand Controller users are not in this dilemma as obviously formula one drivers do not drive using remote control devices so driving  from satellite in orbit view if you like makes no difference to how I feel about the standard of competition being changed .

The main objection that I personally have to this is the official Esports championship allowing this T-cam view to be used , as it is frankly embarrassing (IMHO) to F1 , the pinnacle of motorsport,

I look forward to any thoughts/views others may like to add ,but please be advised that my opinion is just my opinion that is all.

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